Local Market
We offer the best quality and service  through full involvement in projects,  with the ability to deliver "turnkey  project".  Applying the vanguard technology  and adapt to customer needs, we  install and implement new  technologies.  We install Radio-Frequency Center  emitters, radio studios, production  rooms and others audiovisual  equipment. Reed more…      
In a constantly evolving technological  market the formation keeps for  customers, a key role in the proper  use of the equipment installed. The proper formation provides the  following benefits: Optimization of the technical and  human resources  Minimization of incidents Reduction of technical assistance  interventions Improved in programming and control  activities Read more...    
Preventive This service is the review and  adjustments as manuals and  properties set manufacturers, testing  and cleaning of all equipment  installed, whether the studies of a  radio and / or television or radiant  systems, stands and towers . The aim  of this service is to check the integrity  and effectiveness of each equipment  to maintain the best level of service  conditions on throughout their life  cycle. For this we elaborate  maintenance status reports and  renewal of equipment. Read more...
As telecommunications operator  systems of television audio broadcast  and communications we offer: Guarantee and service quality Confidence in the quality of service Accessibility and sincerity of  information. Flexibility and speed of  change. Fulfillment of commitments.    
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Sale Installation
Broadcast equipment radio / TV We have the distribution of the most  representative brands of national and  international markets with a wide  range of advertising according to  each client's budgetary needs.  We have all the accessories to meet  the basic needs of a radio and  television, both the equipment and  the high-low frequency.  
The activities we manage in the national market are summarized in the following points:
Formtion Maintenance